Looking for teaching resources related to values and design in communication and information technologies, hacking and making? Here you’ll find syllabi for courses related to VID topics across a variety of diverse fields and in a wide range of institutions (with special thanks to Garnett Hertz of the Emily Carr University of Art +Design for compiling much of this list).

Suggestions for related courses and syllabi? Submit here.

Values Embodied in Information and Communication Technologies
Helen Nissenbaum
Department of Media Culture and Communication
New York University

Special Topics in Technology Studies: Digital Media and Privacy
Helen Nissenbaum
Department of Media Culture and Communication
New York University

Designing Technologies for Social Impact
Phoebe Sengers
Department of Information Science and Science & Technology Studies
Cornell University

Values in Design
Cory Knobel
School of Information Sciences
University of Pittsburgh

Mobile Technologies: Participation and Surveillance
Katie Shilton
College of Information Studies
University of Maryland, College Park

Making as Communicating
Jeremy Hunsinger
Communications Studies
Wilfred Laurier University

Critical Design Practice
Lilly Irani and Christo Sims
University of California San Diego

Critical Making
Matt Ratto
Faculty of Information
University of Toronto

Tactical Media
François Bar
Annenberg School
University of Southern California

Digital Media Design Solutions
Jane Tingley
Digital Experience Innovation
University of Waterloo

Civic Media and Tactical Design in Contested Spaces
Nitin Sawhney
Media Studies
The New School

Critical Making
Eric Paulos
School of Information
University of California Berkeley



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